Commercial space for rent
551 Mill Street
Sylva, NC
  Available March 1.     1200 square feet
    $650/month including electricity and water

Winter can be a tough time of year: short days, little sunlight, cold and damp.
No wonder many of us like to “hibernate” at home and limit some activities.
Please know that we Sylva merchants appreciate the locals who come out year-round to support our vibrant downtown and keep us going.
During the month of February, stop by the Bookstore so we can show our love. 

Senior Sale Days at the Bookstore​​,   Feb. 15, Mar. 15, April 19
20% Discount on Purchases

Would You Like to Volunteer?
You are needed at both the library and the bookstore.
Each one of us has our own reasons for choosing the Friends of the Jackson County Library Used Bookstore as a place to volunteer. 

The store is full of books.

Our shoppers are readers.

Conversations are about books.

Other volunteers get to know your reading tastes and save books for you
Someone will find exactly what they are looking for because of your help.
You can see what everyone else is reading. 

When unpacking donated books, you have first choice.

Book browsing is our official sport.
If you need more reasons to volunteer, stop by the store and speak to anyone who works there.
There are variety of ways to volunteer at the bookstore.
For information about volunteering at the Library, please contact