Ways You Can  Contribute and Support our Library

Donate Items That Can Be
Sold or Used at our Bookstore

 We’re grateful for your donations;   however, the bookstore’s workspace     and storage options are quite limited. If    you have a large donation (estate,   moving) please contact us (828-586-   1221) to provide a description and   quantity.

  We may ask to come to your location   and pre-inspect the materials to   evaluate their salability and condition,   potentially avoiding extra work for you   and for our volunteers.  

Items we can use:
 Current Magazines
 Empty Ink and Toner Cartridges
 Printer Paper
 Goo Gone (for cleaning books)
 Glass Cleaning Product (for cleaning   books)
 Bathroom Tissue
 Paper Towels

 Items that we are unable to accept:
 Encyclopedia Sets
 Video/Audio Cassette Tapes
 LP Records
 Moldy, Mildewed, Insect and "Rodent-   Infested" Materials
 Anything in unusable condition (covers   torn off, pages missing, spines ripped)

​​Make a Tax-Deductible Monetary Contribution​​​​

 Cash and/or checks can be brought to   the store at 536 West Main Street,
 Sylva, NC 28779. Checks should be   made out to The Friends of the Library.

 Money can also be donated through   PayPal.
  1. Log into your  PayPal account.
  2. Choose the "Tools" tab.
  3. Choose "Send Money to Friends & Family."
  4. Use our email address ([email protected]) to deposit money.

Volunteer Your Time

Amazon Smile  

 If you shop with Amazon, they will  donate   .5%  of your spending dollars to the Friends   of the Library – at no extra cost to you.

  1. Go to:  Smile.Amazon.com
  2. First-Time Login: use your regular Amazon Username and Password.
  3. Select a charitable organization: “Friends of the Jackson County Public Library Inc.”
  4. That’s it!  Your shopping experience will be exactly the same as with regular Amazon (Your Account, Prime, Order History, etc. will now appear in Smile.Amazon); and each time you shop, .5% is donated to The Friends of the Library
  5. Add Smile.Amazon.com to your bookmarked favorites.

Donate Used Printer/Toner/Copier Cartridges

 By recycling cartridges with Staples, we   are  able to cover a very significant   portion   of our office supply budget. This   frees up   more funds to support the   library.

Shop at our Store
​ In addition to the books, CDs, DVDs,   puzzles, and magazines in our store,   you can purchase our newest tote   bag for $7.50 including tax.

  Staples Rewards Program
 When you shop at Staples (in-store), use our   account/phone number at checkout (828-   586-1221). If asked, tell cashier you   are, “Shopping on behalf of The Bookstore   for Betsey or Antoinette.” 

 Then 2% of your net receipt will be credited   to the Friends of the Library against future   purchases of our office supplies.